How to reach us from SFO Airport

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Uber or Lyft (Taxi) 

The fastest option to get to the house from SFO is by Uber or Lyft. The pick up area is usually on the Second Level (Departure level). 

  • Time 25-30 min
  • Price $20-30

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Another option is to take a Shuttle. You will need to request the shuttle here or look for the shuttle pick up are sign.

  • Time 45 min
  • Price $17


Public transportation

  1. Take a BART from SFO to Civic Center Station;
  2. Walk (About 2 min) to Civic Center MUNI/Metro station
  3. Take MUNI/Metro train (L line to SF Zoo, outbound
  4. Get off on Taraval St & 23rd Ave
  • Time 60 min.
  • Price $11.20


  1. Take BART from SFO to Daly City Station;
  2. Transfer to Bus 28 (North Point + Van Ness) 
  3. Get off on Taraval St & 19th Ave
  4. Walk (About 5 min) to 24th Ave
  • Time 60 min.
  • Price $10.40

HOW TO REACH any place in bay area


Google maps is the most useful tool to find the best way to get to any place in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. When using google maps app switch between Driving, Transit, Walking, Cycling and even Flights to pick the best transportation option. You can also see the schedule for the public transportation in the route description.