Check in/out

  • Check in time: after 3 pm (you can come earlier and leave your baggage)
  • Check out time: 11 am
  • Please take all your belongings with you when check out


  • PLEASE TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF ( we keep the shoes on a shoe stand, you may want to bring your slippers) 
  • Please make sure to shut the front door all the way when you leave/come in.
  • Be respectful to the house and the other travelers in the house.
  • No Smoking. No Alcohol. No Drugs. No Weed.
  • Guests under influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed in the house. 
  • No outside visitors allowed.
  • No pets allowed.
  • If a Guest breaks any of the house rules we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.
  • Help us keep place clean. 

Night time

  • No cooking after 11 pm. 
  • No talking and phone calls after 11 pm.
  • Please don't use the laundry machines after 11pm.
  • If you return late please keep quiet, respect your mates.


  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Do not leave the dishes in the sink - wash it or put it in the dishwasher
  • Switch off the lights and electrical appliances after using.
  • Mark your food, use markers and stickers.
  • Don't leave your food in the fridge after check-out ( throw it away or put it in a sharing zone).
  • Separate garbage. Compost (small green bucket): food and paper towels  Recycle (big bins): all other.
  • Help us keep this place clean. 


  • Lockers (W:12" D:18" H:12"). Enough for storage Documents and Laptop. Bring your own lock.  
  • Guest access only with the passcode.


  • Login: Totoro-5 (good for short distance); Totoro-2 (good for long distance)
  • Password: Urbanacci